Database of Databases

TechnologyExitedFounded 2010

We’re a modern company with experience that goes back decades. It’s that extensive experience with locating and collecting data that allowed us to create Uzurp and open our broad database to customers for a fraction of what our competitors charge. The truth is, most companies are middle-men reselling data from other companies. We’re different. At Uzurp we originate and create all of our data in-house. This ensures the highest quality information possible. It also means you always get the most timely, relevant, and useful information while staying within your budget.

What is Uzurp?

Uzurp is an information company. Or to put it another way, we’re a database of databases. Whether you’re looking for Registered Investment Advisors, Broker Dealers, Financial Advisors, or Registered Reps, we are here to be your one stop source. Uzurp is already trusted by thousands of teams, companies, and people just like you looking for a better way. You’ll be seeing a lot more product releases as we expand to meet all of your data needs. So keep an eye out!

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